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At Culture4MyKids, Inc. our mission is to empower young people with the ability to take control of their education and their future. Our organization works with families, schools, and community centers throughout the state of Virginia. We implement our programs using education and cultural arts to connect with and make a significant impact on the youth. Servicing approximately 500-1500 youth each year, C4MK is able to give an empowering voice to youth. By understanding their past, our students are able to gain appreciation of their diverse origins. This allows them to build/re-build a positive self-image and create a more solid future. What we do is we light the tire for diildren to begin the journey of self,know1edge, self-education. .self­empowerment. We light that fim and the hope ;• to haw them koop goingWe pride ourselves in building life long relationships with the families that we serve.

Our Virtual Village Circle

Peace and Blessings, 

We give our thoughts and well wishes to all of those affected by COVID 19.  We want everyone to do their best to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen our minds, our spirits, and our immune system. Let's take this time of stillness to use our creativity to build and develop so we can come out on the other end of this, having built things that make us proud. This can be family time, family businesses, etc. Think about what you need at this time and develop it. -Yemoja Kemi Abifarin

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