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Arts Culture & Leadership

The Arts, Culture, and Leadership program provides healthy and safe spaces for young people in a variety of ways. 

It also helps young people foster healthy relationships and social skills; become agents of their own change; give them an artistic method of advocacy; and set high expectations for growth. This program gives a voice to the voiceless and hope to those who feel hopeless.


The Arts, Culture and Leadership program continually rotates in 3 phases:

  1. Artistic and Self Development Classes for participants

  2. Mentoring in the development of an artistic project that addresses a social issue that affects the community

  3. Planning of a community/school gathering where the project will be shared and then the hosting of a post production panel will take place.

The Calabash Village

We will explore folktales from all over Africa and beyond. By using storytelling as a method to keep culture alive. We will also cover the knowledge of narrative elements, character development, creation of our own stories, and understanding cultural lessons.


Other cultural and educational topics will be examined as we navigate our teachable moments. Additionally, we will explore elements of good character and what is missing when we don’t tell our own stories.


Culture & Movement

Our Culture and Movement programs help young people to :

  • Build attributes and skills needed to participate successfully in adolescence and adult life.

  • Develop a creative space where they can feel safe, loved, and appreciated 

  • Understand their own resourcefulness.

  • Understand the importance of having connections with an adult role model as well as having healthy relations with peers.

  • To develop an empowering voice foster growth and development in all areas of their life

  • Create a beautiful presentation that they can share with their and their community. 

  • Develop life long lessons that they can carry with them.


About our Sample Mini Productions

"Praise be to God! You all were FANTASTIC. We could have listened to you for the entire program. Thank You so much, we were truly blessed. Peace and Blessings."

- Rev Barwell

About our Dance Classes

It was awesome!!!!....glad I had the night off to attend

- Marsha Smith-Appiah

Wasn't it amazing!! It felt like family..not even a class!

- Darryl L Ellis

 It was outstanding...I had some much fun. And it was good being with my DNA family.

- Gwendolyn Murphy-Fells

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