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The Calabash Village

The calabash is one of the most momentous symbols of many traditions and culture. It is a simple gourd that can be used for so many meaningful activities—like carrying medicine, holding water, collecting food, making music, or even bathing babies.

This symbol is tied into so many stories that have been passed down between generations. It is the keeper of culture and the tool for many of life’s simple pleasures. This is why our youth storytelling performing arts program carries the name "The Calabash Village".

“Until the Lion Learns How to Write, Every Story will Glorify the Hunter” ~African Proverb

In the Calabash Village, we explore folktales from all over Africa and beyond. By using storytelling as a method to keep culture alive, we also cover the knowledge of narrative elements, character development, creation of our own stories, and understanding cultural lessons.


Other cultural and educational topics will be examined as we navigate our teachable moments. Additionally, we will explore elements of good character and what is missing when we don’t tell our own stories.

Our Village, Our Story

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