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Culture and Movement

What Our Program Is Designed To Do:

 The program is designed to take place in increments of 4 - 8 weeks and can be repeated throughout the whole year. In addition to the music and dance classes, students will also receive a take home student book, so that they can easily share the culture with the rest of the family. At the end of each session, the family and community will be invited to a  mini showcase.

“If you can walk you can dance, and if you can talk you can sing.” -Zimbabwe Proverb 
Our Mission
To empower young people with the ability to use culture as a foundation for self-knowledge and resilience
Our Vision

To continue to share the culture of movement with 1500+ children each year so that they can use creative expression as a way to support their social and emotional skills, as well as become creative, productive, and thriving community members.

What We Do

The cultural program explores the many facets of life. These phases, collectively, are known as rites of passage. Within exploring the rites of passage, the students will come to understand the importance of the community and individual responsibility within the communal setting. Each session can be taught historically or artistically, lecture style or interactive, and it can be designed to fit any school curriculum. Our school programs are divided into many sections- preschool /elementary age and secondary age.

Each session will be catered towards the objectives that the contractor desires. In addition to the chosen objectives, each session will include: Cultural/Musical History lesson,  Song and Movement Story ( how the movement and song applies to every day life) and a takeway lesson on the principles of good character and being a good member of the community.  In addition, each student/teacher would have a workbook that goes along with the class, so they can take the lessons and reflections with them to share with their families.

Schools and organizations we have served:  

Fahodi Shule 

Peter Paul Development Center 

Boys and Girls Club 

Richmond Public Schools 

Richmond City Recreation and Parks 

Powhatan Hill Community Center 

Girls for a Change 


Richmond Community 

Our Program Outcomes

Our Culture and Movement programs helps young people to :

Build attributes and skills needed to participate successfully in adolescence and adult life.

Develop a creative space where they can feel safe, loved, and appreciated

to understand their own resourcefulness.

Understand the important of having connections with an adult role model as well as having healthy relations with peers. 

 To develop an empowering voice 

foster growth and development in all areas of their life.

Create a beautiful presentation that they can share with their and their community. 

Develop life long lessons that they can carry with them.

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