October Care4Senegal Blog

This Month, well last month, we did many things that involved the community. I feel like these events were more fun and active than some fundraisers. Some of the events were:

1.The DNA Fitness Afrobics class

2.The Broad Street Mile

3.The Panera Bread Fundraiser

DNA Fitness Afribics table with Autumn and Taliki

The DNA Fitness Afrobics class took place at DNA Fitness on the day of October 31st. This dance class was a mixture of African dance, aerobics, and a fun-filled workout. Although vasts amounts of donations were given, there was a table set up in the front. This table, being operated by Autumn, and Taliki, had many products such as shea butter, beaded elephant key chains, peace bags, natural oils and etc.

The Broad Street Mile event mostly consisted of running, performing, and selling items at the table. The table was operated by many people of Culture 4 My kids. The table had many useful items such as shea butter, natural oils, candy, and etc.

The performance took place shortly before the run. The performance was started off by a few drum calls. Shortly after the drummers ended their call, a song is started the second the drummers finish. That song let the audience know that something important was about to happen. This was true because it was what led the us into a dance titled, 'Soko'.

After the tiring performance, the dancers had no time to waste. For it was time to run the Broad Street mile. Some performers of Taaluma decided to change into proper running clothes, I decided to run in the lapa I performed in. I now admit that that was a big mistake for I fell a total of 6 times.

After the run, the dancers and drummers headed to a table where people gave out drinks and snacks to the runners.

On the way back to the table, a lady who saw me running came up to me to speak to me about the company. In the end, I gave her a flier and she bought something from our table.

I guess running a mile in a lapa has it's rewards. Even if I had various cramps afterwards.

C4MK at the Broad Street Mile

The last event was Panera Bread. In this event, some people of Culture 4 My kids were supposed to either give out fliers to customers to use when buying a meal, or, to buy a meal with the flier. Nothing much took place during this fundraiser, but who doesn't love food?

I had fun at each and every one of these fundraisers. Even if it was from falling flat on my face to eating at Panera. Each fundraiser helped the organization no matter how you look at it. I have to say I think the Broad Street Mile was my favorite one. Granted the fact we went strictly to participate in the event, I got to see other performances, dance in the middle of the street, and run a mile in a lapa. If you think hard about it, not a lot of companies get to do that. Which is why I'm glad to be in a company like this.

People should donate because it's for an excellent cause. If you're the type of person that loves to see strong, talented youth be the best they can be, I suggest you help us go to Senegal so that we can learn about what it means to be young, talented and Black. -- ~Abiona

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