September Care4Senegal Blog

At the end of our season 2014-2015 season, we had a cool blast at Cobblestone water park. We went on slides we, ate some killer food. Even the baby diamonds joined in on the fun. It was one of the best things we did all season. I think the drummers and dancers would agree. This month, we also had fundraisers at Sam's Club. We were asking people to donate to our Care4Senegal program. We were raising money to pay for our passports. Taliki, which is our youngest ones of the group, raised the most amount of money, with a little help from Vinique. We are well on our way!

This trip means a chance for me to learn more about my history and culture and a chance for me too embrace it. People should donate because we need to know about our culture so we can grow and become more self determined to become like our ancestors and it, overall, is a good cause.

#photo #travel #youthblog #Senegal #care4senegal #studyabroad #embracingculture #culture #culture4mykids #fundraising

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