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November Care4Senegal Blog

November Culture4MyKids Blog:

In November 2015, Culture4MyKids planned a meeting and what we did there was plan some things for the trip and create new ways for fundraising.

The organization also counted the amount of money they raised over the past time. I think the company is well on its way to Senegal by fundraising, performing, and even learning on the way there. By the time we get back we will have so much knowledge.

Culture4mykids is a great organization we are trying hard. We wish for some help on the way to Senegal--- we are happy to receive donations. I think this trip is very important because when we go over to Senegal we will perform reciprocity and learn from actual local communities and families over there. I can't wait to go and visit Senegal, it seems so great over there.


Markell Fobbs

#Senegal #care4senegal #culturalarts #studyabroad #travel #embracingculture #fundraising #culture4mykids #youthtravelling #trinityfamilylifecenter

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