Final Call: Community Heroes

For the last two years, I have been working extremely hard with an amazing group of young people that I have known for 5 years or more. Their ages range from 9 to 20. Their skills and abilities range from crochet to photography, to jewelry making to dance to drumming, to graphic design to music making. Their love and dedication—limitless. Their energy---amazing. For all those aforementioned reasons, I chose this group with which to travel. They are the best of the best and they will be amazing leaders in our community one day soon. Now, as we look upon the end of our fundraising journey and on to our official Global Leadership expedition, we reflect on what this continuing endeavor is teaching us—that small groups can do big things and that there is nothing impossible if there is hard work, unity and commitment. With that, we finalize our list of those who will be traveling this June. We are reaching out to the community for a last minute push that will allow us to leave no one behind and we can truly experience this journey as a family.

The Work

For the past year, we have been doing carwashes, making and selling items in our online store, collecting coins in jars, selling popcorn and everything else. These young people have made great strides and we have raised over 50 percent of our budget. We are so close to our overall goal but still need the help of the community in to make it to the finish line. Eight out of twelve of our participants already have their plane fare. We are reaching out in all ways that we can to help support the last four young people obtain the money for the flights. Donations can be made at or www. There are also several opportunities to support us at upcoming fundraisers:

-April 22nd Afrobeat dinner at DM restaurant, lounge

-May 13th Lessons From our Mother production at Grace Street Theater

The Final Push

From now until June, I will be spending every moment doing what I can to make sure that we do our best to help all 12 of these children travel and experience a moment to touch history. Will you join me?

Every dollar counts and is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for transforming the lives of our young people. Thank you for being a Culture4MyKids, Inc. Global Leadership Academy hero.


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