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Abiona Exploration Program

The Abiona Exploration Experience is an interdisciplinary tutoring program that seeks to repair academic weaknesses by working in three main areas:

-Creative Expression
-Reading Skills
- Historical Exploration

This tutoring program operates between October and May . During these months, the students will journey through history as they work to develop skills in the area of fluency, comprehension, test taking, vocabulary and writing. They will also improve their creativity by demonstrating these skills as they explore the world of African Drumming, Dance, Poetry, Hands on Crafts and Occupation Initiatives.

Hip Hop Book Club

Students will read a variety of books that deal with urban and international culture.  Within reading the book, students will not only review SOL thought processing, they will also complete end of the year projects that will either aim to:

• Compare and contrast the urban culture of 

the past to the current culture of today

• Explore how to use the culture to bring about change in the future

• Put on a final production that  will retell the theme of the story through spoken word,

music , and dance

From Hip Hop to the Kingdoms

​An elective class that explores the history and elements of hip hop and links those elements to phases of African American and African History. This is a researched, hands on project based course that links literacy, history, and urban culture.

Alternative Schooling Program 

Cultural, academic, SOL influenced programs will be offered to students who are in pursuit of alternative education. Subjects covered include Math, English, Science, History, Business, performing Arts, Dance, Music, Health, Self Defense, and much more.


Healthy Body/ Healthy Mind

​ This program was designed to combat childhood obesity and to support public school’s health services programs which aim to

(1) advance the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students, ​


(2) promote health and safety ​


(3) intervene with actual and potential health problems ​


(4) assist with positive student responses to normal development ​


(5) collaborate with professionals in other disciplines to build student and family self management, self advocacy and learning. ​


We want to help young people become ambassadors for health awareness in a variety of urban schools. Topics covered include:

• Developing Good Eating Habits​

• Promoting Physical Activity

• Increasing Nutrition Knowledge

• Exposing to Extracurricular Activities

Traveling Textiles

An elective or after school program that  explores the meanings  and symbolism of African textiles. Once the research is completed, students will use those historical reference points to explore meaning within their own wardrobe selection. Students will create a final project which combines African and modern urban wear.  

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