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Taaluma Youth Performance Company

African Aerobics

Taalimu Summer Camp


Praise be to God! You all were FANTASTIC. We could have listened to you for the entire program. Thank You so much, we were truly blessed.
Peace and Blessings, Rev Barwell

African Dancing and Drumming has been known for centuries for its power to bring family, friends and communities closer together. This art form or way of life allows students to build confidence and showcase their natural talents and abilities. C4MK  strives to bring affordable ongoing classes and programming to the community and to individual facilities.



Marsha Smith-Appiah It was awesome!!!!....glad I had the night off to attend
Darryl L Ellis Wasn't it amazing!! It felt like family..not even a class!
Gwendolyn Murphy-Fells It was outstanding...I had some much fun. And it was good being with my DNA family.

              (Facebook feedback)


WOW... what a wonderful experience our teens had with Culture 4 My Kids this past summer. We would love to partner with you again this coming school year.

The performance was “AWESOME” I have never seen our teens so engaged, I believe they all had a great time and a wonderful experience that they will not forget.

Sheila Northside YMCA


Inviting Your Family to Become a Part of Ours

Taaluma Youth Performance company is a collection of young males and females, from the ages of 3+, who ,through drumming and dancing, acquire the appropriate skills needed to become the next leaders of the community. Collectively known as the diamonds and warriors, these young people have participated in concerts, rites of passage ceremonies and all kinds of festivals. Click on the picture above to directly to the Taaluma website. 

Culture4MyKids offers affordable summer camps to youth all over the city of Richmond. These interactive camps offer lessons in West African instrumentation, dance,  history, and cultural background. These classes work to develop discipline, creativity, character, self esteem, and knowledge of self.

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